Based just yards from the original Tunbridge Wells Pipe House, our team of alchemists experiment with botanical pairings.

Each of our gins combine two distinct flavours with a traditional juniper base. They’re perfectly balanced and never sweetened, to create a modern classic.



The nose reveals a beautiful alchemy with an elegant blend of botanicals. The herbal notes of juniper and angelica are followed by subtle notes of fresh cucumber.

The Earl Grey tea comes through cleanly on the palate with an almost sorbet-like freshness. The finish is long with flavours lasting in the mouth after tasting.

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70cl – £39

I’m always keen to support local businesses, but it makes my job even easier when the product is as good as this.” Julian Leefe-Griffiths

Owner, The Tunbridge Wells Hotel

“A unique Gin that stands out from the crowd. The underlying cucumber and earl grey are clearly present, but not overpowering; allowing us to make a great G&T as well as some of our favourite cocktails. Will definitely buy this again!” Doriane Marchal

Amazon Review

“Original, crisp, clean and moreish. Yes please! Wanted to try it as I liked the sound of Earl Grey and Cucumber. Not disappointed!” Don

Amazon Review

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