We’re not your average craft gin and our story starts quite differently to most. This story begins looking both backwards and forwards. It’s these kinds of juxtapositions that make our gin what we like to call ‘perfect pairings.’ – completely contrasting yet utterly compatible. We’re talking about those usual partners that bring out the best in each other, like gin and tonic.

Let us introduce you to a few of our favourite combinations.



Based just yards away from the original Tunbridge Wells Pipe House, our team of alchemists carefully curates our recipes.

These are deeply-rooted in the rich tradition of gin, based on hundreds of years of expertise. Yet, simultaneously we are creators and innovators. Loving to experiments and invent.



Meet our first creation,  Earl Grey & Cucumber.

A harmonious if unexpected match! We wanted to create flavoured gin, that was delicious without being syrupy sweet.

We have many more combinations being curated in the lab, where we delicately infuse our gin with fine botanicals to create subtle yet memorable flavour combinations.



Our founding team, Ben and Katie Larcombe & Sam and Emma Priestley. Each brings a different skill and quirk to the team but together they create exceptional gin.